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Chipper The Chipmunk Beanie Baby (retired)

Chipper The Chipmunk Beanie Baby4 Star Rating
Chipper The Chipmunk Beanie Baby
Chipper The Chipmunk From Ty

The youngster may hug to a Chipper The Chipmunk - a great item manufactured by Ty. 008421042593 is the UPC (Universal Product Code) for this Beanie baby. The special features are ty original and collectible beanie. The Beanie baby is 9" Height x 5" Length x 2" Width, click the link below.

chipper chipmunk beanie retired collectible quick

Special Price: $3.50
Publisher: Ty
UPC: 008421042593
Quantity: 1

Full Description

"I'm quick, I'm fast, I don't make a peep, / But I love to snuggle when I sleep, / Take me along when you go play, / And I'll make sure you have a nice day! The underbelly is cream, and running down his sides are two stripes, 1 white and one particular black. The tail is complete and fuzzy, his black eyes are rimmed in white, and black threads make up his whiskers and mouth. He's surface washable only. Born on April 21, 1999, this little chipmunk is really stunning. --Peggy Etra A perfect addition to any collection, Chipper is amongst the last 10 Beanie Babies made, so he's very sought after and very hard to find. Chipper's body is accomplished inside a mottled white and brown material."Chipper is constantly vibrant eyed and bushy tailed.


  • collectible beanie
  • Ty original
  • Quantity: 1
  • Dimensions: Height: 9" Length: 5" Width: 2"
  • Package Dim.: Height: 2.7" Length: 7" Depth: 3"
  • Package: 0.3 lbs.

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