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Ty Beanie Babies - Claude The Crab Ty Dye (retired)

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Claude The Crab Dye


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Claude The Crab Dye is without a doubt great. Among the best features is the toy sea life crab claude tie dyed ty-dyed. UPC# 008421040834. The toy is 1" Height x 5" Length x 4" Width and it has got a weight of 0.21 lbs. Purchasing the Claude The Crab Dye . To get the product now at the lowest price, click on our store button on this site.

Claude is really a crafty crustacean. He was born on September 3, 1996. His poem reads:

Claude's body is made from earth-toned, tie-dyed fabric in lovely browns, dark blues, and deep greens. His undershell is cream-colored. Surface wash only. He is sought appropriate after by kids and collectors alike. Two black eyes and thread feelers add realistic touches to Claude's face. --Peggy Etra


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