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Flitter The Periwinkle And Pink Tydyed

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Cute and friendly Flitter The Periwinkle . A listing of feature attributes are mint with mint tag protected, retired and official ty beanie babies product. It's 1" Height x 7" Length x 9" Width. Shopping for Flitter The Periwinkle . To find the best offer on this Beanie baby besides other dolls, click on the add to cart button below.

Flitter's birth date is June 2, 1999. --Peggy Etra Flitter is beautiful in her regal splendor. Her poem reads: I did not know what I was to be Covered in fuzz, it was hard to view Now a butterfly, what a beautiful sight On silken wings I take to flight! Surface wash only. She has a wingspan of 9. Flitter's top wings are without beans. 5 inches and measures 8 inches from the tip in the top wing towards the tip of the bottom wing; her hot-pink physique measures 5 inches long, which makes her the most significant Beanie Baby. Very hard to locate. Her wings are tie-dyed pastel fabric with hot pink piping set on an outline of lavender.


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