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Scorch The Dragon The Beanie Baby (retired)

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Scorch The Dragon The Beanie Baby


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Delightful plus cheerful Scorch The Dragon , a great item made by Ty. The feature characteristics include new out of ty manufacturer's package and official ty beanie babies product. 4210 is the manufacturer's number for this high-quality Beanie baby. The toy is 9"H x 5"L x 2"W. Shopping for Scorch The Dragon . I would like you to get the best price when choosing a doll for your kids.

Scorch the Dragon was born July 31, 1998. His poem reads: A magical mystery with glowing wings Made by wizards and other things Known to breathe fire with lots of smoke Scorch is really a friendly bloke! His curly napped coat of brown, black, purple, and yellow attributes a smoky, tie-dyed appearance. --Peggy Etra Surface wash only. He has green felt claws and spines, and his shiny red wings have a golden iridescence. Scorch has the same physique shape as his white counterpart Magic. With his black button eyes, red thread nostrils, and forked tongue, this little dragon is brimming with personality.


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