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Ty Beanie Ballz - Seymour The Seal

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Seymour The Seal
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Ty Beanie Ballz

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Seymour The Seal made by Ty Beanie Ballz is cool. A listing of feature characteristics are approximately 5" tall, surface wash and authentic ty beanie ballz collection. The doll is 5" Height x 5" Length x 5" Width and weighs around 0.19 lbs. The warranty is no warranty. To find the best deal for this Beanie baby besides other items, click on the shopping cart button below.

TAG READS: I buzz about from proper here to there, I also make honey that I often share! They always land on their feet! Throw'em! , Pow! , Bam! , Slam'em! Measuring 5", these cute, furry"critters"are so much to play with.


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